Throw out your rule book. Just tear it up and burn it like an ex-boyfriend’s photograph. Yep. I said that. You see, I grew up following rules. It was just what you did. Well, not always cause I was a bit of a rebel… but overall  I felt if I just obeyed what I wasContinue reading “Liberation.”


It was 3:45 am, my eyelids were heavy and my body was not moving. I forced myself to roll out of the bed. My twin was getting married and so I had a plane to catch. During my whirlwind of a visit to New York I had the pleasure of not only meeting some wonderfulContinue reading “Time”

Be My Valentine…

Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I felt a tug on my heart strings to blog about this wonderful day. I am sappy. I wouldn’t say a romantic, but maybe a little gushy squishy. I am not artsy and poetic in thought, where everything is rainbows and unicorns and love comes riding in on aContinue reading “Be My Valentine…”

When You Don’t Make the Cut…

I am not your typical Preacher’s Wife. Or so they said… I didn’t make the cut. There were others that could sing, play an instrument, dance, even had a better speaking gift and with stories to tell. I may not have been as smart as some or even as artsy. The only thing I hadContinue reading “When You Don’t Make the Cut…”