Speak Up!

by Rachel Jumpa

It’s been amazing to read all of the “Women of the Word” blog posts over these past few weeks.  It is evident that there are many women of God, from all walks of life, in many parts of the world that have great things to say!

Recently I was shopping in Naperville, a western suburb of Chicago, and came across this cute little boutique that caught my IMG_6192eye, WAR Chest Boutique.   I went in and it turns out that it is a non-profit organization that has items from all over the world that are made by former trafficked and at-risk women in their programs.  WOW – that gave me a reason to shop with a purpose, so I picked up this awesome necklace that got me thinking…….

Ever since I was a little girl, I was quiet and shy, a true introvert that never had much to say.  As I got into my teenage years and had to speak in front of a classroom a few times, I would be so afraid I would have to fight the onset of an anxiety attack. But when I surrendered my life to the Lord in my early twenties, things began to change.  Something rose up on the inside of this former shy girl.  I remember the very first time I had to teach at a Women’s Conference and the first time the Holy Spirit prompted me to speak a prophetic declaration or share a testimony.  It definitely was not in my natural character to be bold and speak up, but it was surely in my supernatural one to do so!

As the years have gone by since I first began to step out and speak up, the Holy Spirit has continued to expound on the importance of speaking up.  I know that we all are very familiar with Proverbs 31, and have probably heard our fair share of teachings on what it means to be a P31 woman.  But this past year the Holy Spirit has illuminated the importance of a verse from that chapter of scripture that’s not often talked about, but is too important for us to overlook.

Proverbs 31:8-9,

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

As I tried to figure out when the Lord began to actually use me to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and defend the rights of the poor and needy, it was actually during one of the most difficult times in our lives. You see, my husband and I lost virtually all we had in the real estate crash a few years ago, but it was in that very same year, the year that we were financially devastated, that we went on our very first mission trip.  We received a prophetic word that we should not let the devil stop us from taking this trip as it was God-ordained.  Against all odds we went on this trip to Honduras in Central America, the most violent country in the world at the time, and the second poorest nation this side of the western hemisphere next to Haiti.  We would see poverty like never before and we would fall in love with the orphaned children we met that were rescued off the streets.  It was on this trip that God would birth in us a heart for missions, for the poor, and for the orphan.

Since that first trip back in 2006 God has done incredible things; not only has He completely restored our finances (He actually gave us back more than we ever had before the market crash), but He has also given us 2 businesses and the ability to travel to the nations.  We have gone back to Honduras every year since and by God’s amazing grace He has expanded our reach and we have started a non-profit organization, Global Reach Foundation, which takes groups on mission trips to various countries across Latin America. We know God is continuing to stretch us and we are willing to GO wherever He sends us!  We are currently planning a trip to Ghana West Africa next year.  Within the U.S., we founded a local food pantry/soup kitchen in the Chicagoland area, which feeds approximately 75-100 families each week.  Last year my husband and I went to 5 countries feeding the poor, loving the orphan, and preaching the gospel.  This year God has also opened up opportunities for me to speak on a panel in Springfield, IL at the Annual Anti-Hunger Summit and I was invited to go with the Greater Chicago Food Depository to Washington, D.C. to meet with a few Congressmen/Congresswomen to plea the cause for continued funding of programs that help feed hungry children and families across America.

As I walk on this journey, I often stand in awe and amazement of how powerful God’s word and His promises are when you actually believe them and put them into practice!  Would I have ever dreamed or imagined I would be used to Speak Up in this way?   The little painfully shy girl, that never had anything to say, would say NO, it could never be…….but the woman who reads the Word, believes the Word, trusts her God, is led by the Holy Spirit, and pushes fear aside as she steps out in faith, says Yes – for with God ALL things are possible!

So I urge you all to do just that, SPEAK UP……for God HAS given YOU something to say!  Your journey will not look like mine, we each have a unique call and specific purpose in this life, but we are all encouraged to SPEAK UP!  I’m sure some of you know exactly what your “speaking up” will look like: what program you are to start, what trip you should take, what business you should begin, what book you should write, what product you should develop, what action you should take, what message you should preach, what lesson you should teach, or what dream in your heart needs to become a reality.  Others may have to search it out a bit, but God has a promise for you as well:

Proverbs 25:2,

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.”

If you search out the promises God specifically has for you, He will not leave you wondering, you will not get the full download all at once, but you will be gently guided as you take the first steps of your journey.

After our recent trip to Peru, South America this past June, God reminded us how very hungry people are in our world – not just physically hungry, but also spiritually hungry.  He gloriously used our team to be Carriers of His Presence everywhere that we went, pouring out His Spirit on a hungry & thirsty people, in addition to meeting their physical needs for food and clothing.  There is such a desire in my heart now that cries, “Oh Lord, that I may feed the nations with Your presence.”

So I pray for each one of you that has taken the time to read this……that you would rise up in supernatural Holy boldness and that you would be willing to be used mightily by God to SPEAK UP, so that you may LIVE with PASSION, LOVE with COMPASSION, and FEED the NATIONS.

More about the Author…IMG_62901

Rachel Jumpa resides in the Chicagoland area with her husband Rick.  They have a teenage daughter, a son in college, and a son that married an amazing young woman 2 years ago.  She is the Founder & Director of the Berwyn Food Pantry/Community Kitchen and is passionate about missions, mentoring young women, and writing.  Together with her husband, they run 2 businesses and a non-profit organization, Global Reach Foundation.  Global Reach advocates for the poor and underserved people across the globe.  Everywhere they go they set out to share the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, feed hungry children, and help build schools, support orphanages & family homes, provide water tanks, shoes and clothing. With God’s continued guidance and direction, they lead groups of people from all walks of life on mission trips that bring awareness to the physical and spiritual needs of so many around the world.  You can follow her blog and mission adventures on her website, racheljumpa.com, or follow her on Facebook/Instagram.

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