Live Your Legacy


Here we are, 12 weeks have passed since the first post in this wonderful series Women Of The Word and I am thinking about you… my reader. Have you enjoyed this journey? Were you touched by the stories of other women, just like ourselves and how they express their relationship with our Savior? Were you encouraged by the testimonies of success and faith of other women who shared their hearts? Did you glean from the lives of those who took time to pen down that which had only ever been written on their souls…

I did.

I was moved by the articles that were submitted to me for this blog. I was touched by how genuine each author was and how willing they were to write something new and fresh, just for you! They were all brave and bold and daring to bear their hearts with us and reveal themselves in this way. I hope it compelled you, ignited you and made you feel brave.

As I sit here, propped up in my bed by overstuffed pillows with my almost four year old daughter nestled peacefully beside me; one word comes to mind… Legacy.

Legacy is anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor. It is that which has gone before us and forged a path for us to follow in. Those women who have pioneered in various arenas of life leaving legacies for posterity. Kathryn Kuhlman is one of those forerunners of the Faith that I look to for inspiration and example and it seems befitting in this moment to share her words… 


“I made a consecration of my life that I had never made before, when I saw that it was absolutely possible for me to so yield kuhlman-m life, my body, as a living sacrifice – a sacrifice so consecrated to Him that the name of God Almighty may be glorified through the life of a sinner saved by the grace of God.

It is through the Holy Spirit empowering Christ’s body of believers, His Church, with power for service that the Father is glorified again and again.

The Heavenly Father does not ask for golden vessels.  He does not ask for silver vessels. God asks for yielded  vessels – those who will submit their will to the will of  the Father. And the greatest human attainment in all the world is for a life to be so surrendered to Him that the name of God Almighty will be glorified through that life.

As you read these words, I pray that this shall be the desire of your heart; and I know that the Father will hear your cry, and honor your prayer…and take your life, using it for His glory through the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit.”

This is so powerful a statement that it bears repeating… “and the greatest human attainment in all the world is for a life to be so surrendered to Him that the name of God Almighty will be glorified through that life.”  I pray we all leave a legacy of a life completely surrendered to the Father. That above all, His name is glorified in all we do and say. Together let’s truly be Women of the Word!

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Brynn Leigh Shamp is the Creator & Author of Diary of a Preacher’s Wife. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Destiny Encounters International, a ministry formed in 2009 with her husband, Charlie Shamp. Her blog was designed to tell her story and to inspire others in their own life’s journey. Her articles include topics such as faith, family, marriage, ministry and world travel. When she’s not out canvassing the globe, she resides with her husband and three children in Moravian Falls, NC. Her favorite things include: Books, books and more books; all things Jane Austen; Italian Food; Making her Mother laugh; Journals, Planners & Details…

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