Holy Spirit Adventures

by Tammy Devaraj


For as long as I can remember that has been the cry of my heart!  To see Nations transformed by the power of God.  As a teenager God called me to take His light to the darkest nations of the world.  Ever since then my heart has burned with a love for the nations.  Nations!!!

I am blessed to be married to a husband who has the same heart for the nations as I do and we are raising up our three children with that same heart and passion.  From two weeks old our children have always traveled with us to countries around the world.  I want my children to experience Jesus healing people and setting them free….people accepting Him into their hearts, seeing Him divinely directing our steps and see Jesus provide in amazing ways while being in foreign countries.  These same children are already learning from first hand experience how to move with the Spirit of God and being led by Him in amazing ways.  These are our future history makers and nation shakers!

As we have traveled thousands of miles to distant lands to share the love and power of Jesus we have had such amazing adventures.  Our family calls them “Holy Spirit Adventures.”  We simply ask God where He wants us to go, get His assignment of what He wants us to do in a particular country and then go and have a Holy Spirit Adventure!  It is so simple, but it produces so much fruit!!  I would like to share with you a few of our Holy Spirit Adventures….

Back in September 2014 while attending a women’s conference, I was down at the altar along with other women.  I had my eyes closed quietly worshipping the Lord.  The speaker, Barbara Yoder, suddenly said, “The Lord is giving many of you up at the altar a new assignment.  He is going to show it to you right now.”  As soon as she said that I immediately saw a picture in front of me of a huge mushroom bomb exploding over the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  This mushroom bomb was a glory bomb and it started raining down God’s Glory all over the Middle East.  It was amazing!  God told me, “Go to the UAE and take all seven states.”  We went there on assignment to the UAE in the summer of 2015.  God told us to go to each state (emirate) and He would show us a IMG_6322key leader in each state to mantle.  We made seven golden cloth mantles and took them with us.  We didn’t know how we were going to go to all seven states.  We didn’t know who we would mantle.  We just simply trusted God and allowed Him to lead us.  We were to be in the country for three weeks.  During the second week God divinely connected us with two pastors who immediately caught the vision that God had given to us.  They told us that they would take us to all seven states!  On the first evening when we started to travel to one of the states, God put a sign in the sky…..there in the sky was a huge portal….like an open heaven with beautiful rays of light shining down on our path.  The Glory of God filled that car!  It was glorious!  IMG_6404We traveled to one state and mantled a leader under the flag of the UAE.  When we were entering into the next state, I was amazed to see a large clock in the middle of a round about. Just two weeks before that God showed me an extensive vision about what He was about to do in the Middle East.  In the vision He showed me a clock and He said, “When you see this clock, know that My SET TIME has come.”  Well, when I entered that particular state, I saw the EXACT clock that I had seen in my vision two weeks prior!  God said that His set time has come to the Middle East!  We completed our assignment and mantled seven leaders in seven states and experienced many signs and wonders and divine appointments.  Our children were all a part of it and experienced first hand being led by the Spirit of God.  Glory!!!

Another Holy Spirit Adventure happened in Kerala, India!  It was our first time in that state.  Different culture, language, food, etc.  It was all new to us!  It was such a beautiful place!  It was in the mountains with tea plantations, lush greenery, flowers and so much more.  The roads were so narrow and I have to admit that it was a bit scary driving on those narrow roads in the mountains trusting that the driver knows just how to make the right turns.  If he would turn too far one way, we could have easily fallen off the mountain.  It was definitely an adventure!  One evening after ministering all day in a conference the leaders told us that they wanted to take us to the top of the mountain to overlook the entire city.  So we got in the pastor’s jeep and he proceeded to drive us up a VERY steep, narrow hill.  As the sun was just about to set, he stopped the jeep and told us that we have to walk the rest of the way.  I didn’t want to go because it was getting dark.  Thoughts of taking my children out in the dark and how safe it would be flooded through my mind.  I told the pastor that I would stay in the jeep with my children while everyone else goes to the top.  However, my son, Micah, soon reminded me about a story he had heard that the week before an elephant had come to that very area and killed a person!  So I thought maybe it might be a better idea to just go along with the others!  Off we went!  I couldn’t believe what we were doing!  It was dark by then and we had walk across a narrow bamboo pole with water flowing beneath.  We preceded to climb the mountain in the dark using only the light from our iPhones to light the way.  All I kept thinking of was what if there are scorpions and snakes hiding in the all the bushes ready to bite us.  The Lord had spoken to me that morning while praying that He was going to take me beyond my comfort zone and remove fear.  As we continued up the mountain, suddenly there was a house!  There was a family that actually lived there!  We passed the house and climbed further.  We finally reached the top and what a view we saw!!  It was breathtaking!  It was totally worth it!  The entire city below was lit up and we could see even more mountains in the distance.  We stood there and prayed blessings over that city.  On our way back down the mountain we stopped at the house and got to share the Gospel with that family and pray for them.  We reached safely to our hotel that night and as I went to sleep I just kept thanking God for giving us that opportunity and for taking me out of my comfort zone and removing fear.

My last story that I would like to share is when God used my ten year old son, Micah, in a wonderful way.  Ever since Micah was four years old he has been blowing the shofar.  He blows the shofar in all of our meetings and God instructed him to bring his shofar to all the nations that we go to.  One summer when we were in India, we were ministering in a conference in the south part of India.  That morning I invited Micah to come up to the stage with his shofar.  I had asked him to blow his shofar and release God’s Glory in the meeting.  When he blows it, many people have testified of being healed, set free and much more.  Well, that morning instead of just blowing the shofar, he started speaking to the people what he felt the Lord wanted him to tell them.  He spoke about how God wanted to deliver many of them that day.  It was just not like him to start speaking prophetically.  He then blew the shofar and the presence of God came down in that place in such power!  Half of the crowd started manifesting.  There were people slithering like snakes on the ground, others spinning with their faces contorted in weird ways and much more.   We were all shocked!  As Suri and I started to pray and command the evil spirits to come out of them, all the demons came out and each person was delivered and set free from torment.  Praise the Lord!!  There was great joy in that city!  The people didn’t want us to leave.  Their lives were completely transformed by the power of God.  God used a ten year old boy to put things into motion.  If God can use a ten year old, He can surely use you!

Are you ready for a Holy Spirit Adventure?  Are you ready to go and take the Nations for Him?  God wants to use YOU!  You have a calling and a destiny on the inside of you waiting to be released to bless the Nations.  The Nations are calling…..God is asking, “Who will go?”…..Let this be your response, “Here am I, Lord, send me!!”


More about the Author:

10389062_10205044675690901_3093910947148142977_nTammy Devaraj is the co-founder of Latter Glory Ministries along with her husband, Suri Devaraj.  She served in Youth With a Mission (YWAM) for several years as a leader assisting in Discipleship Training Schools and taking teams to various nations of the world.  In 1998 she moved to Kolkata, India as a full time missionary, where she lived for 3 1/2 years working in a Deaf school as a teacher as well as ministering in various church settings.  After getting married in 2001, Tammy relocated to the south part of India where she and Suri established a children’s home called Mahima Children’s Home as well as a ministry base for their ministry.  They moved back to the States in 2008 and are based out of Pittsburgh, PA.  Tammy travels with her husband and their three children to many nations around the world, including the Middle East, India and Europe.  Tammy has a heart for the nations and desires to train up people to walk in their God given destinies.  She assists her husband in their weekly Glory Encounter Meetings in Pittsburgh.  She moves in a strong prophetic anointing and loves to flow with the Holy Spirit.  Tammy loves to receive “assignments” from Jesus and go on adventures with Him to distant lands.  She ministers in conferences and special meetings seeing people healed, delivered and launched into their callings.  

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Brynn Leigh Shamp is the Creator & Author of Diary of a Preacher’s Wife. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Destiny Encounters International, a ministry formed in 2009 with her husband, Charlie Shamp. Her blog was designed to tell her story and to inspire others in their own life’s journey. Her articles include topics such as faith, family, marriage, ministry and world travel. When she’s not out canvassing the globe, she resides with her husband and three children in Moravian Falls, NC. Her favorite things include: Books, books and more books; all things Jane Austen; Italian Food; Making her Mother laugh; Journals, Planners & Details…

One thought on “Holy Spirit Adventures

  1. Powerful post on the Glory of God and following the leading of His Spirit. Praising His name! We all need a fresh anointing and outpouring. Bless you as you continue to follow and obey His Prompting.

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